"Human" by Katoni


  • A very ordinary class, without any enhancements or drawbacks.

  • Good for players who are new to MUD games in general.


Half-Elves are the most common of the mixed race beings, generally being a human/elf crossbreed. Half-Elves are usually much more like their elven parents in appearance. They are handsome folk, with the good features of each of their races. A half-elf tends to find their own identity lacking. They have traits of both races, yet keep true to none for themselves. They age faster than an elf, but slower than a human which makes for some confusing moments in life. Curious and ambitious, most half-elves tend to try and make the most of the life they are given.

Racial Abilities

  • Stat Modifications:
    Str: -2, Con: +2, Int: -1, Wis: +1

  • Available Classes: Mage, Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Druid, Ranger, Nec, Shaman

"Half-Elf" by Katoni

Taunted by other races for their unnaturally small height, dwarves prefer to live alone in the sanctuaries of their mountain caves. Very stocky by nature, dwarves make excellent fighters, with their high stamina and natural resistance to magical attacks, but as an average they lack the intellect possessed by many of the other races throughout the lands.

"Dwarf" by Katoni

Racial Abilities

  • Infravision
  • +25% added to their save vs spell.
  • Highest maximum of saving over other races.
  • Forge: Allows a dwarf to forge specific equipment
  • Stat Mods: Con: +2, Int: -2
  • Classes: Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Ranger, Vampire, Werewolf, Monk

Of a height similar to those known as dwarves, halflings, often also called hobbits, are a small, fun loving race of people. Due to their tiny size and naturally shod feet, protected beneath by patches of thick, short hair, halflings are quick and light on their feet. Even the slowest of these creatures can sneak up behind you without you even noticing, a trait these creatures have learned in order to survive would-be attackers. Preferring to hide away in their homes and stay out of sight or contact with any other races while abroad, halflings generally don't accumulate the level of wisdom found in the rest of the lands' races.

"Halfling" by Katoni

Racial Abilities

  • Being light in their step, a halfling is always sneaking.
  • Their small stature keeps them from being detected. (Halflings can not be seen via the 'where' command.)
  • Curious in nature and quick in sight, halflings can use the 'peek' skill as well as any thief.
  • Stat Mods: Dex: +2,
    Wis: -2
  • Classes: Cleric, Thief, Vampire, Werewolf


Gnomes have dark tan or brown skin and white hair. Gnomes are fantastic artisans, enjoy being pranksters and are well known for their skills at tinkering with various things. They are curious as well as wreckless and equally fond of precious objects as their dwarven cousins. A prank well planned and carried out brings about much admiration among these curious folk.

Racial Abilities

  • Stat Modifications:
    Str: -1, Con: +1, Int: +2, Wis: -2
  • Available Classes: Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Monk, Shaman


Made from the joining of man and bull, these ancient creatures are often found guarding various treasures throughout the realms of the land. Born with massive strength and amazing stamina, these noble beasts can
often live centuries before passing on with only their slow movement, due to their massive bulk, hindering them. Using the dual horns of their head they can often temporarily paralyze an enemy with one mighty slam of their head.

Racial Abilities

  • Headbutt: Causes minor damage & has a 10% chance at stunning an opponent.
  • Stat Mods: Str: +1, Wis: +2, Dex: -4, Con: +1
  • Classes: Warrior, Druid, Paladin, Vampire, Werewolf, Shaman


Spawned of the fairy folk, elvenkin have commonly been known as some of the strongest sorcerers in the realms. Born with an above average intelligence most elves live far beyond the life expectancies of their fellow creatures of DragonStone. At home in the forests, close to where their magic lay strongest, elves can tap into the very source of their magical energy, allowing them to regain their inner pools of magic twice as fast. Though, long living, those of the elven race tend not to have a below average stamina when it comes down to physical fights.

"Elf" by Katoni

Racial Abilities

  • Infravision
  • Spells cost them only 75% of the normal cost.
  • Elves regenerate mana twice as fast as normal.
  • Stat Mods: Int: +1, Con: -1
  • Classes: Warrior, Thief, Mage, Cleric, Druid, Psionicist, Bard, Ranger, Vampire, Monk, Shaman

Being very dexterous, pixies are great thieves. They seem to lose out in matches of physical strength.

Racial Abilities

  • Pixies naturally have the 'fly' spell on at all times.
  • Pixies do not use movement points.
  • Can't be tripped due to their flying abilities.
  • Stat Mods: Dex: +2, Str: -2
  • Classes: Thief, Mage, Cleric, Druid, Vampire

As black in soul as the night, known by the races of the realms only as shadows, these lurkers of the dark are ever present, moving beyond the eye's range of sight through the darkness. As graceful in movement as the flow of liquid, shadows are only limited by their lack of independent thought. Their general dislike of other races keeps them from gaining the benefits of the wisdom from the individual races throughout DragonStone.

"Shadow" by Coil

Racial Abilities

  • Sidestep: Allows a player to dodge out of the way of an incoming attack.

  • Pass Door: Allows a player to pass through some locked doors.

  • Stat Mods: Int: -2,
    Dex: +2

  • Classes: Mage, Thief, Psionicist, Vampire, Necromancer


Long hidden within the sanctity of their mountain caves, a race known in the past only as a myth, lies the civilization of the trolls. Built with the undying stamina of the mountains they reside in, these green skinned beasts often grow to obtain a state of health few other races believed possible. Hindered by their slow intellect and mobility, the troll society seems to have decided as a whole to rejoin the races of the realms, moving out of their sanctuaries in numbers reaching high into the thousands.

Racial Abilities

  • Fast Healing (This allows a player to regenerate hp five times as fast per tick.)

  • Stat Mods: Int: -1, Wis: -1, Dex: -2, Con: +4

  • Classes: Cleric, Warrior, Vampire, Werewolf



Nearly as ancient as the immortals themselves, these beings, commonly referred to as elders, hold a place of high respect among the realms of DragonStone. They often spend their entire life wandering throughout the lands, spreading their near infinite wisdom to those they meet and are constantly seeking new knowledge.

Racial Abilities

  • Elders do not use movement.
  • They naturally 'levitate' in the air at all times.
  • Due to their floating nature, they cannot be tripped in combat.
  • Spells cost 75% of the normal spell cost.
  • Elders regenerate mana twice as fast as normal.
  • Stat Mods: Wis: +3, Str: -3
  • Classes: Mage, Cleric, Druid, Vampire, Necromancer

A race of ghastly abominations, rising from the ground to feed on other denizens. What they lack in intelligence, wisdom, and dexterity, they make up for in strength and constitution.

Racial Abilities

  • Immunity to poison
  • Damage done to them is reduced by 1/8th.
    They poison enemies with each touch lowering a victim's CON statistic.
  • Ghouls find food by eating corpses left behind by fallen foes, NOT through conventional means.
  • Ghouls are considered 'undead' and are treated accordingly.
  • Stat Mods: Str: +2, Int: -1, Wis: -1, Dex: -1, Con: +1
  • Classes: Warrior, Necromancer, Werewolf

Ghoul" by Katon

A race with lots of hitpoints, Lizardmen make good fighters. Their offset to the hitpoints is their lack of speed.

Racial Abilities

  • Lizardmen don't use movement points. (They never tire of walking.)
  • Spit: Utilizing the acidic fluids beneath their tongues, lizardmen are able to excrete a harmful venom often causing temporary blindness or inability to form the words necessary for casting.
  • Stat Mods: Con: +2, Dex: -2
  • Classes: Warrior, Ranger, Paladin, Vampire, Werewolf


Also known as Mindflayers, Illithids are a race of spellcasters that usually live deep underground. Because they are so absorbed by the mind, they have become very frail of body. They are best suited as Psionicists or any type of Spellcaster.

Racial Abilities

  • They're able to use the 'mental drain' skill 3 times as fast.
  • They are able to cause more damage with the 'mental drain' skill and receive more mana with each drain.
  • Enemies don't get a saving throw vs some spells, so those spells always do full damage vs an attacker.
  • Stat Mods: Str: -3, Int: +3, Wis: +2, Con: -2
  • Classes: Mage, Cleric, Psionicist, Necromancer

The Drow are a weaker race, but make up for their loss with their speed. The Drow are good for thieves.

Racial Abilities

  • Infravision
  • Drow Fire: Improved Faerie Fire & Incinerate skill attack.
  • Globe of Darkness: Creatures of the dark, members of the Drow race are able to cloak their surrounding area in completely darkness, canceling the effects of any nearby lanterns of spells of magical sight.
  • Stat Mods: Dex: +1, Str: -1
  • Classes: Mage, Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Psionicist, Ranger, Vampire, Necromancer


By far the race with the most hitpoints, demons are some of the best warriors in the game. Their major downfall is their lack of wisdom.

Racial Abilities

  • Infravision
  • Detect Invisibility
  • Detect Hidden
  • Stat Mods: Con: +4, Wis: -4
  • Classes: Warrior, Psionicist, Vampire, Necromancer, Werewolf


Being feline in nature, members of the tabaxi race lack the average level of intelligence and wisdom found in many of the various DragonStone races. They make up for it with their uncanny agility and undying stamina.

Racial Abilities

  • Infravision
  • If a tabaxi falls, it lands on its feet unless it falls too far.
  • Stat Mods: Str: +1, Int: -2, Wis: -2, Dex: +2, Con: +1
  • Classes: Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Ranger, Vampire, Monk


These lumbering brutes, although not smart, have great strength, and usually end up becoming the warriors of DragonStone.

Racial Abilities

  • Ogres naturally have a shield to reduce damage by 1/20th.
  • Natural form of enhanced damage (+1 damage per 10 damage done)
  • Stat Mods: Str: +3, Int: -3
  • Classes: Cleric, Warrior, Vampire, Werewolf