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Informational Sites

Caimens Site: Information Regarding DragonStone and other projects. Note: This site may or may not be updated to reflect the current game information.
Akorylene's Site : Full of various player collated information regarding DS

DS Maps & Other Information : by Maldwyn

DS Temples

Harmony : Protectors of the weak, lead by the holy Syreal and Asrin.
The Damned : Undeath, vampirism, decay, murder, & necromancy. Lead by the Queen Diamante.

Role Play Sites

The Forsaken : The longest-standing vampire clan, lead by Urynmaal
Blood of Nekhet : Nekhet rises as it's own clan. Packed with vampire lore.
Chevonia's Character Page : A grandchyld of Diamante Razzori
House Helvi'ep : Akorylene's Rp-based drow house
Eternal Suffering : The embodiment of evil of the realms, lead by Jonk.

Links to Other Sources

DS Flyer
Kate Monk's Dictionary of Names  

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