DragonStone offers a pantheon of gods and goddesses for roleplaying purposes. A pantheon is a set of images designed to serve a specific culture of people. These images are sometimes called the Ancient Ones, the High Ones or the Old Ones.

The Immortals listed below have chosen a particular sphere of influence that most closely relates to the RP of their character.

Caimen : Death, the Executioner - God of Hand of Darkness
Diamante : Undead, Vampires & Necromancy - Goddess of The Damned
Motabu : Dreams, Sleep, Subconscious - Hero of Hand of Darkness


Immortal Profiles:

Mud Owner & Executioner

  • Alignment: chaotic neutral
  • Spheres: Death
  • Typical Worshippers: Those who are out for themselves
  • Follower Alignments: chaotic alignments
  • Favored Weapon:
    A large blunt axe


The Lich Queen

  • Symbol: A skull with crisscrossed irises in its teeth
  • Alignment: chaotic evil
  • Spheres: Primary Concerns/ Attributes: Undeath, Vampirism
    Other Concerns: Decay, Murder, Necromancy
  • Typical Worshippers: All who believe: necromancers, animators, grave robbers and all who span the boundary between life and death.
  • Favoured Weapon: a labrys, or doubleheaded axe

'Queen at Her Dark Throne' by
Irene Domínguez
Used with permission of the artist.